Stress Reduction Through Mindful Awareness

£230 - £250 per person

A weekly course of 2-hour sessions over 10 weeks No previous experience of mindfulness or meditation is necessary.

  This experiential training in meditation practices and mindful movement practices is offered to small groups. Participants learn new ways to handle challenging emotions, moods, social interaction and physical sensations through the practice of meditation and gentle movement. The course will incorporate both Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) aspects in a form tailored to the needs of the group. (more)

What Happens?

Over ten weeks, we work together to bring awareness to the present moment through regular meditation and learn to use this skill in daily life; bringing a greater sense of ease and calm into your life. Each session is a mix of practicing mindfulness together, learning new mindfulness skills and reviewing the previous weeks daily mindfulness practice. The core of the approach is practice and experiential learning. The course focuses mainly on teaching skills that develop awareness of body sensations, feelings and thoughts with some discussion of the characteristics of anxiety, depression and stress.

Patience and Persistence

This is a progressive programme running over successive weeks; it is most beneficial if you attend all 10 sessions. The programme can be challenging - the invitation is to commit to at least 30 minutes and up to 50 minutes home practice each day for the duration of the course. I appreciate that it is often very difficult to find that amount of time for something new in lives that may be already very busy and crowded. However, the commitment to spend time on home practice is an important part of the class if you wish to gain the maximum benefits from the course. The skills you develop during these 10 weeks will be available to you for the rest of your life.

The course will teach you skills:

  • To help you stay in touch with the present moment and engage more positively with the world
  • To develop more appropriate responses to stress rather than reacting in unhelpful ways

You will learn:

  • How to meditate by watching your breath and becoming aware of changing sensations in the body
  • How to get some distance and perspective on your thoughts and feelings

Who is it for?

  • Anyone seeking to learn how to work skilfully with stress, depression or anxiety
  • Anyone who would like to cultivate greater awareness, understanding and acceptance of their emotions
  • Anyone interested in learning or developing mindfulness-based practice for personal or professional development


The individual fee for this course is £230 in Tunbridge Wells or £250 in Tenterden which includes an Orientation session, workbook and guided mindfulness recordings to facilitate home practice, 8 x 2 hour sessions, a practice day, a follow-up session  and  between class support via phone or email.

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Individual Mindfulness Training

Starting at £60

Mindfulness training focused for your specific needs, at times to suit you. Most Mindfulness courses are delivered in groups - but maybe you'd find it difficult to fit regular course dates into your schedule? Or perhaps you'd prefer targeted, individual support? Learn basic skills at your own pace. I offer individual training for people who need a flexible schedule and individualised guidance.

  • 8 Week Mindfulness course
Individual mindfulness training sessions are held in Tunbridge wells. These sessions are based on the 8-Week Course curriculum – customised to fit your circumstances and at times to suit you. We will discuss your individual needs and specific issues and you will be taught the key mindfulness practices during our sessions, with a workbook and recordings to continue your personal practice between sessions. Each session will also include time for feedback and discussion and to explore ways of integrating mindfulness into your daily life. If you would like to find out more please contact me and I will be in touch to discuss your needs and make sure that mindfulness is right for you. NOTE: It is not a good idea to begin mindfulness training if you are currently experiencing an episode of severe depression or if there is so much currently going on in your life that you are unable to commit to regular practice for the duration of the course. The rate for an individual mindfulness course is £500 (£50 non-refundable deposit at time of booking, balance payable by first session). (more)
  • Deepening Mindfulness Practice
Individual sessions at this level are for people who have completed an 8-week course either in a group setting or individually and they would like to continue or deepen their practice. Working closely together these sessions unfold as an ongoing response to the questions that develop in your life and practice. These sessions also allow the option of  explicitly combining mindfulness practice with psychotherapy. Each 1.15 hour session £60
  • Introduction to Mindfulness
Not sure if Mindfulness is for you? For people who are new to mindfulness and would like to learn about what mindfulness has to offer I offer individual ‘Taster’ sessions. Each 1.15 hour session £60

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