Psychotherapy & Counselling

Who is it for?

People seek counselling or psychotherapy for many reasons. These may include feelings of anxiety or depression. At any time of life we may struggle with external events such as job loss, illness, parenthood, divorce, retirement and ageing. It may be the continuing struggle with early childhood traumas and abuse or it may be a difficulty with an intimate relationship.

Often however, there is nothing specific that seems to be causing pain and suffering. Chronic feelings of unhappiness, despair and depression frequently persist without obvious reasons or causes. Some people simply feel that they are drifting and would like a deeper sense of purpose and meaning in their lives.

Individual therapy focuses not only on you as an individual but also the context in which you live. That context includes the social, political, cultural and spiritual world, as much as the psychological. Questions of how we understand and live in a world where there is global climate crisis and gross economic inequality address issues beyond the purely personal, but can leave us, as individuals, feeling angry, powerless or defeated.

Psychotherapy is a process, which seeks to support you in gaining an increased capacity for choice, through which you may become more autonomous and self-determining.

What happens?

I’ve practised mindfulness meditation over many years  and I bring this experience into psychotherapy with each individual and their process.

I work mindfully in collaboration with individuals to be with, understand and create meaning from the painful emotional and psychological difficulties they may be experiencing.

Mindfulness practice can be described as intentionally bringing awareness to the present in a non-judgemental way. We tend to spend much of our time either stuck in the past with things that can’t be changed, or thinking about the future. A mindfulness-based therapy places emphasis upon being present with our emotions as they are felt in our body – our ‘felt sense’. This approach to therapy is more about ‘being with’ rather than ‘doing’ or ‘fixing’.  Learning to listen and stay with what our body feels in a spacious and kindly way, we can catch our self in the moment going along well-worn tracks – those ways of being and thinking that may not serve us well any longer.  In those moments of awareness we may consciously choose to do something different.

Learning to be mindful is a way to be less at war with who we are and where we are.

I may introduce you – where helpful and appropriate – to therapeutic methods such as visualisation, drawing and writing or specific mindfulness practices. Learning to listen to and explore ourselves more deeply through these practices, we can access our own powerful inner resources for transformation and healing.

Practical matters

If you choose to email or phone me about psychotherapy, we can arrange an initial consultation.  In this preliminary session we can explore what may be troubling you and discuss how we might work together.

My charge for each  60-minute counselling/psychotherapy session is £60.00     Some concessions are available.

I offer both short-term (6-12 sessions) and longer-term therapy – normally meeting once a week.  In either case, we’d review our work together at intervals of 6-8 weeks – when you may decide you’ve got what you need, or you might want to continue. Before we decide to start working together we’ll agree our contract, so things are clear from the start.